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Web Service API

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VerifyID's Web Services

The VerifyID Web Service is an interactive interface to the VerifyID information System. This interface allows businesses and integrators to integrate and retrieve data of individuals and companies using a RESTful web service over a secure SSL connection.

These API's are used by various corporations, retailers, telecommunications companies, online service providers and software system integrators to instantly verify information for an array of different functions, including customer identification at point of sale, fraud prevention, online transaction verification, customer relations, Human Resource software and many more.

How to connect and example code

Register with VerifyID today and get full access to our live Swagger tool environment, we will also help you intergrate with the help of one of our expert system developers. Once intergrated your system will communicate with ours and ID Verifications will be seamlessly passed between our respective servers over a secure 256bit encryted https ssl layer of secure communication. Once registered you will also be able to use our awesome reporting system to check the transaction you have done and also get all the information you will need to integrate our API into any system you may have.

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VerifyID's Pricing is based on credits, 1 credit = R1.15. You purchase credits within the system and then with your credits you can purchase the available Searches and Services. Each service costs a variant of credits for example a Home Affairs ID Photo Verification costs 7 credits or R 8.05.


Web Service End Point Description Credits Rands
/said_verification Verifies a given South African ID number and its corresponding Consumer details (Offline Database) 1 R 1.15
/home_affairs_real_time_idv Real-time identity verification against the Natural Persons Register hosted at Department of Home Affairs. 2 R 2.30
/home_affairs_id_photo Real-time identity verification against the Natural Persons Register hosted at Department of Home Affairs with ID Photo. 7 R 8.05
/marital_status Returns the marital status of a south african citizen according to the Natural Persons Register hosted at Department of Home Affairs. 3 R 3.45
/sadl_decode South African Drivers License Decoder and ID Number Verification - 3000 scans decoded. 3000 R 575.00
/contact_enquiry The last 6 known South African identities associated to a South African contact number. 6 R 6.90
/tiny_trace Quick trace provide last 5 addresses, contact numbers and consumer details. 5 R 5.75
/bank_account_verification Enables 3rd parties to do real-time verifications on consumer/commercial bank account at the following banks, ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, African Bank, Capitec, Investec, Sasfin Bank, Discovery Bank. 9 R 10.35
/cipc_company_match Retrieve commercial company information and principle information from CIPC 25 R 28.75