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Unlike SOAP-based web services, there is no "official" standard for RESTful web APIs. This is because REST is an architectural style, while SOAP is a protocol. Even though REST is not a standard per se, most RESTful implementations make use of standards such as HTTP, URI, JSON, and XML.

How to connect and example code

Register with VerifyID today and get full access to our live Swagger tool environment, we will also help you intergrate with the help of one of our expert system developers. Once intergrated your system will communicate with ours and ID Verifications will be seamlessly passed between our respective servers over a secure 256bit encryted https ssl layer of secure communication. Once registered you will also be able to use our awesome reporting system to check the transaction you have done and also get all the information you will need to intergrate our API into any system you may have.

Available End Points

  • South African Drivers License Decoder and ID Number Verification - R575.00 for 3000
  • South African ID Number Verification - R1.15
  • Real time Golden Source ID Verification with Deceased Status - R2.30
  • Real time Golden Source ID Verification with ID Photo - R8.05
  • Real time Golden Source Marital Status Verification - R3.45
  • Tracing reports (Last Know Addresses and Telephones plus ID Verifications) - R5.75
  • Contact Enquiries (Last Know Names, Surname and ID Number from provided Cell/Telephone Number) - R6.90
  • Bank Account Verification (Bank Account Verification) - R10.35
  • CIPC - Companies and Intellectual Property Commission - R28.75
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