Commercial Risk Analysis


This search is used to verify the VAT number of a given Company or to obtain the correct VAT number given to a company by SARS. This search will provide the following information.

Company information from SARS

  • Registered company names
  • Trading names
  • Company registration number
  • Company VAT number


CIPC Search

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), previously known as Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO), is ultimately responsible for the registration of all companies and intellectual property in South Africa. With this report we can provide the following information.

CIPC Company Search Report

  • All Company Details
  • Company Directors
  • Auditors

Company Risk Analysis

VerifyID facilitates access to the business credit information from our South African Credit Bureaus in the form of a comprehensive Business Credit Report which allows you to establish the creditworthiness of the Businesses and Directors of the company you do business with. This information also enables you to prevent fraud, determine whether prior legal action has been taken against the company and to ensure that the Business and Principal's information that you have been provided with is legitimate and free of adverse listings. We provide the following information.

Credit Data insight you need

  • All company details
  • Company directors
  • Company directors CPA Info
  • Company auditors
  • Company credit data
  • Linked directors companies
  • Company properties
  • Company loans/bonds
  • Judgements
  • Notices
  • Deeds information
  • Unique company credit score
Commercial 1


VerifyID's Pricing is based on credits, 1 credit = R1.15. You purchase credits within the system and then with your credits you can purchase the available Searches and Services. Each service costs a variant of credits for example a Realtime Bank Account Verification costs 15 credits or R 17.25.

Service Description Credits Rands
SARS VAT Search Company VAT information from SARS 35 R 40.25
CIPC Company Verification CIPC Company Verification Report 30 R 34.50
CIPC Director Verification CIPC Director Verification Report 30 R 34.50
VerifyID Company Credit Risk Report Credit Data insight you need 95 R 109.25
Experian Commercial Credit Report Credit Data insight you need 105 R 120.75
XDS Commercial Credit Report Credit Data insight you need 120 R 138.00
TransUnion Commercial Credit Report with CV4B Credit Data insight you need 200.00 R 230.00