Investigative Reporting & Consumer Tracing

Relieable last know details, Addresses, Contact Details and more

Investigative reporting at its best

The Consumer Trace search report is a non-footprinting trace search that offers an extremely flexible input range for finding people. This report offers the most recent contact and employer information on file from all of South Africa's leading Credit Bureaus. Search with just Name, Surname and Date of Birth or use there ID Number. Our all in one system will give you access to all of our reports and searches like our ID Verification Reports and our Company Risk Reports aswell.

Information Provided

  • Registered Names.
  • Surname
  • Home Affiars Verified
  • 5 Last Know Addresses
  • 5 Last Know Contact Numbers
  • 5 Last Know Employers
  • All Deeds Information
  • All Directorship Information
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