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VerifyID - South Africa's #1 ID Verification Service

Preventing fraud can help change hundreds of thousands of lives around the country and we here at VerifyID are trying to provide the easiest and most cost effective way to make that happen. So we have created some of the most effiecent ways for you to do that with our easy to use online system you will be able to Verifiy South African ID Numbers and South African Citizen at the click of a button. Investigative Reporting and Consumer Tracing is also our speciality and with our integrated partners we are able to provide you with the most up to date information on any South African Consumer. It's so easy to get started just register on our system and start Verifying today.

What we offer

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    ID Verification

    South Africa's #1

    Making sure you are dealing with the right individual makes sense , especially in this fast paced business world we are living , with any one of our quick and easy to use verification system you will be on course knowing that your verifications are accurate and to the point. Bulk Verification and pricing also available on request.

  • Consumer Tracing

    Investigative Reporting

    Obtaining the latest contact details or verifying a Consumer Identity hasn't been easier, with our new and intuitive system you will never have any doubts as to who you are dealing with. You can now find a person with just there Name, Surname and date of birth but if you have there ID Number its just as quick to get results and information.

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    Risk Analysis

    Company Credit Reports

    Company directorships and CIPC information at your finger tips, no more hassles just quick accurate information. Risk analysis has never been more easy because with our Verified Company Credit Report managing risk is a thing of the past.


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