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VerifyID's Pricing is based on Credits, 1 Credit = R1.15. You purchase credits within the system after registering and then with your Credits you can purchase the available Searches and Services. Each service costs a variant of credits for example a standard ID Verification costs 7 Credits or R 8.05.

  ID Verification

ID Verification

South African Home Affairs ID Number Verification and Marital Status Checks.

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With our simply to use online system, you will be able to proform any number on ID Verifications at the click of a button. We will provide you with quick verified information and give you the options to save the result for later access. We gain our verifications from Home Affairs and all our ID Verification are Home Affairs Verified.

  • Registered Names, Date of Birth, Age, Gender, Citizenship, Deceased Status and more..
  • R 8.05 - 7 Credits

Bulk Services

All ID Verification and Tracing services offered in bulk.

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VerifyID offers a bulk processing service whereby we can process and verify any number of ID verifications or traces needed by our clients. Smiply put your needed verifications or traces in an excel spreadsheet and send them to us and we will do all the grunt work. You will have your verifications done the same day depending on the size.

  • Quick same day responses.
  • From 1 thousand to 1 million no number to big.
  • Price on request

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SA Drivers License ID Verification

Drivers license validation and ID number Verification.

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VerifyID has created an intuitive verification report by using an everyday identity verification card your drivers license, with it we are able to provide you as our customers a Valid Verification of a person identity and also Validate that persons Drivers License. By using our simple to use scanner provided for free you can scan as many drivers license as you wish and get a comprehensive id verification report in an instant.

  • Photo Identification.
  • Drivers License validation.
  • Home Affairs ID Verification.
  • R 8.05 - 8 Credits

Drivers License Verification Report

Department of Transport Verified Report.

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South African drivers licenses are issued by our Department of Transport and VerifyID is able to verify any Learners, Drivers or Professional Drivers License against there database and provide you with a verification report.

  • Learners Licenses.
  • Drivers Licenses.
  • Professional Drivers Licenses.
  • R 17.25 - 15 Credits

  Tracing and Investigations

Deeds Search Property Verification

Search all 11 deeds offices.

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VerifyID provides a way for you to connect to the Deeds Office land registration systems to perform searches on properties registered to either Persons or Companies. You are able to search all offices at once or one by one. You will be able to perform a search via one of the following below.

  • Person Search.
  • Company Search.
  • Bond Acc Search.
  • Title Deed Search.
  • ERf No Search.
  • R 17.25 - 15 Credits

Tracing with Names

Find lost ID Numbers quick.

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With this search you are able to give us a South African Citizens Firstnames, Lastname and Date of Birth and we will provide for you the person ID Number and Registered Names, from there you will then be able to perform any of the Verification searches and services on VerifyID.

  • Lost ID number can be found quick.
  • We provide you ID Number, Gender and Registered Names.
  • R 11.50 - 10 Credits

Tracing with Numbers

Find who a number is register to.

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You provide us with a 10 Digit South African Land Line or Mobile Contact number and we will provide you a report on the last 6 know users of that Contact Number with their ID Numbers.

  • up to the last 6 know register users.
  • ID Number included.
  • R 11.50 - 10 Credits

Tiny Trace

Last know Contact and Address

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This is the quickest, smallest and cheapest non-footprinting trace search VerifyID offers, we connect to multiple Credit Bureau's across the country to source the most up to date information. With this report we will provide the following.

  • Registered Names, Date of Birth, Age, Gender and Deceased Status.
  • Last know Contact Number.
  • Last know Address.
  • R 11.50 - 10 Credits

Consumer Trace

5 of Everything.

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The Consumer Trace search report is a non-footprinting trace search that offers a cost effect trace to our customers and provides ample information to find anyone. This report offers the most recent contact and employer information on file at South Africa's leading Credit Bureaus.

  • Registered Names, Home affairs Verified, Citizenship.
  • Last know 5 Addresses.
  • Last know 5 Contacts.
  • Last know 5 Employers.
  • R 17.25 - 15 Credits

Super Trace

Everything and Anything not Credit Related.

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The Super Trace search report is a non-footprinting trace search that offers all we can find on a person excluding credit information. This report offers the most recent contact,employer,deeds and directorship information on file at South Africa's leading Credit Bureaus.

  • Registered Names, Home affairs Verified, Citizenship.
  • Last know 5 Addresses.
  • Last know 5 Contacts.
  • Last know 5 Employers.
  • All Deeds Information.
  • All Directorship Information.
  • R 28.75 - 25 Credits

  Company Vetting

Bank Account Verifications

Realtime Bank Account Verifications.

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Our Bank Account Verification Services allows you to efficiently verify the bank details of a consumer or business and determine the status of the account – whether the account is currently active, open or closed and whether it has been open for more than three months. We verifiy the following information for you.

  • Consumer/Business Name on account.
  • Bank Name.
  • Account Number.
  • Account Type.
  • ID Number Match.
  • Accepts Debit/Credits.
  • R 17.25 - 15 Credits

Bank Code Services

Business Cashflow Check.

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Our Bank Code Update Service allows you to efficiently retrieve an up to date bank code from listed banks in South Africa.

Bank codes are a critical component when assessing credit limits and credit worthiness of potential customers. Before extending credit to any businesses, request a Bank code update on the VerifyID system to the value you are going to extend credit.

After submission, the service makes contact with the customer's bank and request the latest bank code against the desired Rand value. The return bank report is kept in your VerifyID account and can be retrieved any time after it is received.

  • Risk Indicator
  • Credit Worthiness
  • R 103.50 - 90 Credits


Company information from SARS.

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This search is use to verify the VAT number of a given Company or to obtain the correct VAT number given to a company by SARS. This search will provide the following information.

  • Registered Company Names.
  • Trading Names.
  • Company Registration number.
  • Company VAT Number.
  • R 23.00 - 20 Credits

CIPC Search

CIPC Company Search Report.

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Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), previously known as Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO), is ultimately responsible for the registration of all companies and intellectual property in South Africa. With this report we can provide the following information.

  • All Company Details.
  • Company Directors.
  • Company Auditors.
  • R 28.75 - 25 Credits

Company Risk Analysis

Credit Data insight you need.

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VerifyID facilitates access to the business credit information from our South African Credit bureau's in the form of a comprehensive Business Credit Report which allows you to establish the creditworthiness of the businesses and Directors of the company you do business with. This information also enables you to prevent fraud, determine whether prior legal action has been taken against the company and to ensure that the Business and Principal information that you have been provided with is legitimate and free of adverse listings. We provide the following information.

  • All Company Details.
  • Company Directors.
  • Company Directors CPA Info.
  • Company Auditors.
  • Company Credit Data.
  • Linked Directors Companies.
  • Company Properties.
  • Company Loans/Bonds.
  • Judgements.
  • Notices.
  • Deeds Information.
  • Unique Company Credit Score.
  • R 57.50 - 50 Credits

Verifications you can trust.